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Mặc định [FS] Shank v1.0u1-THETA (PC/2010/ENG)

Shank v1.0u1-THETA (PC/2010/ENG)
Language: English | PC | Developer: Klei Entertainment | Publisher: Electronic Arts | 1.62 Gb
Genre: Arcade
Betrayed by the only family he ever knew and left for dead it's up to Shank to seek revenge for the death of his beloved at the hands of the underworld's deadliest assassins. Utilizing his knowledge of gang warfare and weaponry Shank must battle his way through the criminal underground in order to seek revenge against the people responsible for bringing his world crashing down around him.


• Violent graphic novel art style: Step into a graphic novel with the most fluid and violent 2-D animation ever seen in a video game.
• Weapon-based combo system: String together endless combos of mayhem and destruction on the fly and pummel your opponents to the ground using an exhaustive arsenal of weapons.
• Gritty pulp cinematic experience: Using professionally animated cut scenes interspersed with gritty pulp-style story points, Shank tells a tale of guilt, redemption and revenge in a way never before seen on PC.
• Two-Player Local Co-Op: Team up with a local friend to shank your way through hundreds of vicious, well-armed enemies in the prequel story to the single player experience.

EGM: “Shank joins the ranks of Flower in proving what's truly impressive about today's downloadable games -- smart, ambitious design and a laser focus.” 10/10

1UP: “...Shank is the freshest, most unequivocally rewarding beat-em-up game to come along in almost a decade.” A

G4/X-Play: “Shank may be the only summer blockbuster you won’t have to wait in line for” 5 out of 5

Joystiq: “Shank is a lot of fun because it lets you murder a lot of different people in a lot of different ways, and I think you should buy it.” 4.5 out of 5

Kotaku: “Playing Shank is like playing a graphic novel. The game dazzles.”

• Added support for arbitrary refresh rates to fix double speed issue.
• Fixed Achievements sometimes not unlocking.
• Added a possible fix for the game not loading your save game.

System requirements:
• Windows XP/Vista/7
• DirectX 9c
• 1.7 GHz
• 1 GB RAM

http://www.filesonic.com/file/32074169/Shank.v1.0u1.EAD.NFO-THETA.part1.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/32074171/Shank.v1.0u1.EAD.NFO-THETA.part2.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/32074173/Shank.v1.0u1.EAD.NFO-THETA.part3.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/32074175/Shank.v1.0u1.EAD.NFO-THETA.part4.rar http://www.filesonic.com/file/32074177/Shank.v1.0u1.EAD.NFO-THETA.part5.rar

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